Help Us Reduce Medicine Waste

Craig Rich, ex-BBC weather forecaster, delivers an important message on medicines waste.

Did you know as much as £5.5 million is wasted each year in Devon on unused medicines?

The same amount could pay for approximately:

– 700 Heart bypass operations

– or 1,000 hip replacements

– or 2,000 knee replacements

– or 11,000 cataract operations.

Help us make the most of your NHS:

Check: Look at your supplies – order only the items that you need

Listen: Listen to the advice from your doctor, nurse or pharmacist and take all medicines as instructed on the label.

Tell: Tell your doctor, nurse or pharmacist if your medicines are not agreeing with you or you have stopped taking them.

Tick: Using the counterfoil of the prescription, tick only the medicines you need, and remember “tick in haste – medicines waste.”

Open: Open your bag of medication while at the pharmacy. If you have item(s) not requested, or surplus to your needs for the next month, please return these before leaving.