Devon CCG Statement – Booster Programme

GP practices are clinically prioritising some services to focus on delivery of booster programme

15 December 2021

Following the Government’s call to accelerate the Covid-19 booster vaccination programme, the majority of our GP practices have, at very short notice, reallocated the majority of their workforce to delivering Covid-19 vaccines over the next two weeks.

Patients should continue to contact their GP practice for urgent health advice, but are urged to consider calling in the new year if it can wait, or if they can get help from another service such as a pharmacy, to allow teams to prioritise delivery of the vaccination programme.

There is also a wealth of self-help health information on the NHS website – – including reliable guidance on managing common winter illnesses.

The HANDi paediatric app has been developed by paediatric consultants for parents and provides access to home care plans, as well as GP and hospital clinical guidelines, for the most common childhood health care conditions.

Cancer checks will continue to be prioritised. People who are concerned about symptoms which could be cancer should continue to contact their GP.  This could include a new lump, blood in wee or poo, or a condition that isn’t getting any better.

People will be seen in person if they need to be examined, but most conditions can be discussed by phone, or by video call with a clinician.

Please be kind to the reception team who are working under huge pressure to help everyone get the help they need this winter.

Most GP practices in Devon are open until Christmas Eve, and re-open again on Wednesday 28 December.