Covid-19 Seasonal Booster

Currently the COVID-19 vaccine seasonal booster (autumn booster) is available to the following cohorts if it’s been at least 3 months (91 days) since your previous dose:

  • aged 65 or over
  • pregnant
  • aged 5 to 49 and at high risk due to a health condition
  • aged 5 to 49 and at high risk because of a weakened immune system
  • aged 5 to 49 and lives with someone who has a weakened immune system
  • aged 16 to 49 and a carer
  • living or working in a care home for older people
  • a frontline health and social care worker

Details of Covid-19 vaccination walk-in clinics are detailed below.

Alternatively, if you wish to attend the Barnstaple vaccination clinic or a pharmacy clinic then book via or by calling 119

Please note – Dates for the Tyrrell Hospital, Ilfracombe have changed from Fridays and are now running every Thursday up to and including 22nd┬áDec 2022