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NHS Choices – When Not To Go To Your GP

NHS Choices  are now advising on when NOT to go to the GP for common ailments. Their Website is full of useful information to get you to the right place for the right treatment.

For More Information Please visit their website: NHS Choices


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Do You Want To See More Of Your Medical Records?

Online Access currently allows you to make appointments, order repeat medication, update your contact details and see core elements to your medical records.

You can now apply for detailed access to your medical records. 

If you have already registered for online access for making appointments,  ordering repeat medication or to view core elements of your medical records, you will need to re-apply for detailed access to access your detailed medical records. Application forms are available by clicking the link below, or these are also available at reception.

Online Access Application Form

You must make the request in person and you will be asked to provide proof of identity when handing in your completed application form.  Please provide photo identification or two forms of identity which confirms your name and address details. (Your GP will need to authorise access to your medical records , for this reason immediate access cannot be given and it may take up to 21 working days to process this request).

Please note that medical record access is unavailable to anyone under the age of 16.

Are you turning 16, Has your parent or guardian booked appointments for you in the past?

If you are turning 16, due to confidentiality your online access will be de-activated and you will need to re-apply in person for online access services, which will allow you to continue booking appointments and ordering your repeat medication online.

Please click on the link above to print and complete your application form.

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Caen Medical Centre Newsletter

Our aim is to help you use the services at Caen efficiently and to inform our patients of any changes taking place.
We hope you find this newsletter helpful.
Any feedback about the services we offer would be gratefully accepted, as would any suggestions for future newsletters; please give your written comments to the receptionists or send an e-mail to

Autumn 2018 – Newsletter

Spring 2018 – Newsletter

Winter 2017 – Newsletter

Autumn 2017 – Newsletter

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Friends & Family Test – Please help us by completing a questionnaire next time you attend an appointment at the Caen Medical Centre

Pick up a questionnaire as often as you like.

Questionnaires are available at the reception desk, in the waiting room or ask your doctor or nurse for a copy.

Only 2 Questions will be asked

1. Would you recommend us to a friend or family members?

2. Is there anything about our service we could improve?

Please drop your completed questionnaire into the box in the waiting room or at the reception desk.

Please help us by completing a questionnaire.

Friends & Family Questionnaire

Patient Feedback

Feedback From Friends & Family Test Survey September 2018

Feedback From Friends & Family Test Survey August 2018

Feedback From Friends & Family Test Survey July 2018

Feedback From Friends & Family Test Survey June 2018

Feedback From Friends & Family Test Survey May 2018

Feedback From Friends & Family Test Survey April 2018






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